Life at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon: 25 Days in Winter

Mile 11.3: Staring hopefully down the Colorado River at Soap Creek camp – the first night spent on our epic 25 day trip down the Grand Canyon. Here, the rock formation is the red Hermit Shale, a crumbly terrace-forming unit that would later be thousands of feet above us.   Mile 33: A view from […]

Training For Mount Rainier: What A Mountain Guide Wants You To Know

As a longtime guide on Mount Rainier, I am constantly fielding questions about how to prepare to make a summit attempt on the highest mountain in Washington State. I give the usual suggestions – physical fitness, gear, and mental preparation – but in the recent years, I’ve also started talking to prospective climbers about some […]

Why Are Avalanche Deaths Rising Despite Better Safety Gear?

Standing at the top of a chute at Whistler, Kim Miller, CEO of SCARPA North America, tallied the red flags in his head: new snow, high winds, steep angle. “I’m not trying to be that guy who’s trying to be the know-it-all,” said Miller. “It’s just experience that told me, today’s not the day for […]

Rafting the Grand Canyon – Permit Lottery Explained

Grand Canyon Permit Process – Noncommercial Trips The current procedure for obtaining a much-coveted noncommercial permit to raft the Grand Canyon is in the form of a weighted lottery. This system began in 2006, when the previous “wait-list” system became an impractical method for hopeful rafters. The first-come, first-serve waiting list had grown to over […]

The eMTB Controversy: eBikes Should Be Allowed On Mountain Bike Trails

This is the first part in a series of articles delving into the controversy surrounding eMTBs and their use on mountain bike trails. Read Part 2. Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are relatively new on the scene and mountain bikers are freaking out. “They shouldn’t be allowed on our trails.” “They are going to ruin the […]

Selway River Rafting

Heading down Goat Creek (IV) at the start of the trip. Photo: USFS / Flickr The Selway River is a very technical 4-day river that is not for the amateur boater. It is fast paced and can be downright treacherous at high water. But for the adventurous, the scenery is stunning, the fishing is even […]

Rafting the Rogue River in Oregon

Everything about the Rogue looks amazing The Rogue River is located in southwestern Oregon and flows between Crater Lake and the Pacific Ocean. It was designated as one of the 8 rivers included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. The main attraction for boaters is a 34 mile stretch between the Grave […]

Rafting the Smith River in Montana

USFS putting in some cold early-season hours on the Smith River. Photo: FSNR / Flickr The run on the Smith River is a mellow 4-day float through a beautiful, remote canyon in western Montana. It runs through the edge of the Lewis and Clark National Forest, where the highlight is the wildlife viewing and fly fishing. […]

Rafting Through Hells Canyon on the Snake River

Rafting through Hells Canyon along the Oregon-Idaho border 8,000 feet below the rim, the Snake River flows through the deepest canyon in North America – Hells Canyon – and is one of the easier permits to pull. It holds a Wild and Scenic River designation, with the “wild” section of the river running from Hells […]