These 5 Mountain Lakes Are Even More Gorgeous In The Winter

Mountain lakes have pristine, untouched beauty all year, but there’s something especially magical about seeing them during the winter. When they freeze, and the landscape becomes blanketed in snow, the views could not get any more enchanting. It’s like getting to see a whole new side of them, and even though it’s a little more challenging thanks to the snow and ice, you won’t run into nearly as many other visitors on your way out. These five alpine lakes are especially worth grabbing an extra coat for to see this cold season.

1. Rawson Lake, Alberta, Canada

mountain lakes winter Photo by Dave Bloggs

Rawson Lake sits under the sheer cliffs of Mount Sarrail with breathtaking views all year. It’s a steep climb, leading up through spruce forest and along Upper Kananaskis Lake. In the winter the trail also serves as one of Alberta’s best routes for snowshoeing.

2. Maroon Lake, Colorado

mountain lakes winter Photo via Reddit

Colorado’s Maroon Lake lies about ten miles west of Aspen among the Rocky Mountains. The alpine water has amazing photo ops, with reflective views just beneath 14,000-foot peaks. Plus, the surrounding landscape’s beauty changes with the seasons – there’s bright golden aspens in the fall and a heavenly snowy landscape by winter. Unfortunately Maroon Creek Road is closed to vehicles during the winter but you can still cross-country ski, snowshoe or snowmobile down to the area.

3. Ellery Lake, California

mountain lakes winter Photo by Fred Moore

Ellery Lake isn’t well known, and doesn’t have an official trail around the shores, but it’s quite the stunner when powdered in fresh snow. The lake sits in the Eastern Sierras by Tioga Pass (and directly below Tioga Peak), near Yosemite National Park. It winds through Upper Lee Vining Canyon with two dramatically different viewpoints – with the one closest to Yosemite (above, at 9,489 feet) and the very eastern end of the lake (which also, strangely enough, is below at 9,489 feet).

4. Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

mountain lakes winter Photo via Reddit

Glacier-fed, Moraine Lake is one of Banff’s finest masterpieces in the Canadian Rockies. In the winter the lake still maintains a deep blue appearance, which looks even more enchanting with the surrounding snow-capped mountains.

5. Snow Lake, Washington

mountain lakes winter Photo via We Found Adventure

With a name like Snow Lake, you can probably only imagine the views this alpine treasure offers near Snoqualmie Pass this season after being covered in snowfall. It’s a popular trail for snowshoeing in the winter, and just an easy day trip out of Seattle. The trail begins at the Alpental Ski Area parking lot.

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