Who We Are – About MountainZone

The mountains are captivating. They call to us. We climb up them, ride down them, go through them, fly over them, and live around them. We ski their slopes, ride their trails, hike their ridges, fish their streams, and climb their faces all in the spirit of adventure. MountainZone started as a place to follow that adventure. Back in the late 90’s, amidst the internet gold rush, MountainZone carved out a place in history by putting readers as close as you could get to athletes pushing the boundaries of mountaineering, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, without actually holding a rope or riding along. It was a place for news, trip reports, information, editorials, and stories, but most of all, it was the first digital meeting space for the outdoor community. Twenty years later, we continue that tradition by inspiring the mountain community with stories of exploration, resources for discovery, and the inspiration for new adventures. We’ll see you in the mountains.