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  1. The Mountain Zone – A Look Back

    The call arrived via one of our satellite phones just as I got to work the morning of May 2, […]

  2. Rare Full Cloud Inversion In Grand Canyon Caught On Video

    A rare full cloud inversion in the Grand Canyon was captured on this incredible time lapse video by Harun Mehmedinovic […]

  3. One Year of Adventure in Park City, Utah

    Sunrise above Park City I take a bite then watch as a red bead of chili oil squeezes through the […]

  4. Preparing to Climb Denali: Words from a First-Timer

    Training hike up Wolverine Peak overlooking Anchorage Denali – they don’t call it “the tall one” for nothin’. Standing at […]

  5. Map of the Hawaii Volcanoes

    Having just visited Hawaii, I was curious about the island chain and all its volcanoes. I’ve read a few general […]

  6. The Ptarmigan Traverse Summits

    The Ptarmigan Traverse is a high elevation route in the North Cascade Range of Washington State. It was first done […]

  7. Finding the Lost City of the Lukachukais

    Lost cities don’t exist. They are confined to the bottoms of oceans and 19th-century jungles. As children, we all eventually […]

  8. Map of the Highest Points in Each of the 50 States

    Many have heard about the state highpoints quest and contemplated it over a beverage or two. An experienced mountaineer or even […]

  9. Grand Teton and the Teton Range

    There is a reason why the Ansel Adams photographs of the Snake River and the Tetons have become some of […]