There is a reason why the Ansel Adams photographs of the Snake River and the Tetons have become some of his most recognizable works. The dramatic contrast between the flat river valley and the steep peaks is stunning. Grand Teton stands erect at 13,770 feet and Jenny Lake, at its base, sits at 6,783 feet. This full relief is visible from the east and creates one of the most photogenic mountain ranges in the US. Climbers from all over the world set their sights on the Grand as it has become one of the best-known American peaks. The easiest route is still rated at a class 5.4 grade II, requiring rock climbing skills and serious preparation. It’s often climbed with a guide service. A few years ago a friend and I were able to climb Middle Teton sans problems or guides. Looking up at the Grand from the summit put our climb in perspective.

The Grand still seems huge from Middle Teton

Above is a map of the Tetons and below is a comprehensive list of the peaks in the range. Almost all of the peaks are inside Grand Teton National Park. To hike or backpack here, you’ll have to pay a fee to enter the park, but you already knew that. The park road is closed in the winter, making winter recreation difficult as well. The Jackson Hole Ski Resort is on the eastern face of Rendezvous Mountain giving you one easy option however. Grand Targhee Resort is another option especially for those coming from the Idaho side of the range.

Access to the popular trailheads on the eastern side of the Tetons is easiest from the south starting in Jackson. Head north on the highway to Moos Junction and turn left into the park. Note that all visitor facilities are shuttered and roads in the park are closed to motor vehicles during the winter months.

South, Middle, Grand, Owen, and Teewinot (Mt. St. John in distance far right)

For photographing the range it’s best to drive roads on the eastern side of the Snake River Valley. The forest road that ascends Shadow Mountain has worked well for me before. That mountain is shown on the map above in red. There are several good photo ops along the highway and down by the river. Those are your only options when east valley backroads are snow-covered.

A map with the park entrance stations, trailhead locations, and hiking trails is available from the National Park Service. Topographic maps are linked from every mountain page shown on our map above. Here is a direct link to topos of Grand Teton National Park.

Mountains on this map

Mountain Elevation
Grand Teton 13,770 ft (4,197 m)
Middle Teton 12,804 ft (3,903 m)
South Teton 12,514 ft (3,814 m)
Teewinot Mountain 12,325 ft (3,757 m)
Mount Owen 12,928 ft (3,940 m)
Mount Moran 12,605 ft (3,842 m)
Buck Mountain 11,938 ft (3,639 m)
Mount Wister 11,490 ft (3,502 m)
Static Peak 11,303 ft (3,445 m)
Cloudveil Dome 12,026 ft (3,666 m)
Prospectors Mountain 11,241 ft (3,426 m)
Mount Hunt 10,783 ft (3,287 m)
Thor Peak 12,028 ft (3,666 m)
Nez Perce 11,901 ft (3,627 m)
Mount Saint John 11,430 ft (3,484 m)
Rockchuck Peak 11,144 ft (3,397 m)
Mount Woodring 11,590 ft (3,533 m)
Doane Peak 11,355 ft (3,461 m)
Bivouac Peak 10,825 ft (3,299 m)
Eagles Rest Peak 11,258 ft (3,431 m)
Traverse Peak 11,051 ft (3,368 m)
Ranger Peak 11,355 ft (3,461 m)
Rendezvous Peak 10,927 ft (3,331 m)
Mount Glory 10,086 ft (3,074 m)
Disappointment Peak 11,618 ft (3,541 m)
Taylor Mountain 10,352 ft (3,155 m)
Survey Peak 9,277 ft (2,828 m)
Moose Mountain 10,054 ft (3,064 m)
Housetop Mountain 10,537 ft (3,212 m)
Spearhead Peak 10,131 ft (3,088 m)
Fossil Mountain 10,915 ft (3,327 m)
Mount Bannon 10,966 ft (3,342 m)
Mount Meek 10,681 ft (3,256 m)
Mount Jedediah Smith 10,610 ft (3,234 m)
The Wedge 10,357 ft (3,157 m)
Albright Peak 10,552 ft (3,216 m)
Veiled Peak 11,306 ft (3,446 m)
Treasure Mountain 9,841 ft (3,000 m)
Battleship Mountain 10,679 ft (3,255 m)
Shadow Peak 10,725 ft (3,269 m)
The Jaw 11,400 ft (3,475 m)
The Wigwams 10,855 ft (3,309 m)
Freds Mountain 9,880 ft (3,011 m)
Littles Peak 10,712 ft (3,265 m)
Beard Mountain 9,466 ft (2,885 m)
Maidenform Peak 11,137 ft (3,395 m)
Cleaver Peak 11,055 ft (3,370 m)
Window Peak 10,508 ft (3,203 m)
Green Lakes Mountain 10,195 ft (3,107 m)
Crows Nest 9,721 ft (2,963 m)
Raynolds Peak 10,910 ft (3,325 m)
Dry Ridge Mountain 10,321 ft (3,146 m)
Rolling Thunder Mountain 10,908 ft (3,325 m)
Rammell Mountain 10,140 ft (3,091 m)
Mount Nord 9,725 ft (2,964 m)
Red Mountain 10,177 ft (3,102 m)
Owl Peak 10,612 ft (3,235 m)
Elk Mountain 10,712 ft (3,265 m)
Forellen Peak 9,772 ft (2,979 m)
Hominy Peak 8,362 ft (2,549 m)
Mount Berry 8,971 ft (2,734 m)
Green Mountain 9,614 ft (2,930 m)
Table Mountain 11,106 ft (3,385 m)

Landmarks on this map

Shadow Mountain Viewpoint
Jackson Hole Resort
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Grand Targhee Resort
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Moose Junction Park Entrance
Jackson, Wyoming
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