Selway River Rafting

Heading down Goat Creek (IV) at the start of the trip. Photo: USFS / Flickr

The Selway River is a very technical 4-day river that is not for the amateur boater. It is fast paced and can be downright treacherous at high water. But for the adventurous, the scenery is stunning, the fishing is even better, and the river is practically empty. It winds through the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in northern Idaho, eventually running into the Lochsa River near Lowell. The Selway has a very short runnable window and only allows one launch per day, making it an extremely coveted permit to pull.

Selway permits are controlled through a lottery. For more info including dates and locations check out our Permit Lottery for Rafting Western Rivers 2017 Guide.

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