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North Bend, Washington

North Bend is Seattle’s closest mountain town and famous for being the backdrop of David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks. Mt. Si’s 267-foot prominence is the hike for tourists and new Seattleites because it is straightforward and the views speak for themselves. Just north of town, the North Fork Snoqualmie River and the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River join forces to head west and tumble over Snoqualmie Falls. Both rivers are full of phenomenal trout and steelhead fishing as well as classic sections of whitewater for paddlers. Mt. Teneriffe and Mailbox Peak are other popular hikes with lots of elevation to gain and stunning views of Mt. Rainier as a reward. Sport and trad climbers can get their fill at Little Si, Mt. Si’s smaller incarnation, or at Exit 38 – a staple crag named for its exit number on I-90. Just up the road, Snoqualmie Pass serves up lift-assisted or self-propelled skiing and snowboarding. If you adventure along I-90 and you’ve thought about relocating to North Bend after driving past it twice a day, you are not alone!

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Featured Mountains in North Bend

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Dirty Harry’s Peak 4,680 ft (1,426 m)
Rattlesnake Mountain 3,369 ft (1,027 m)
Mount Teneriffe 4,721 ft (1,439 m)
Mount Si 4,075 ft (1,242 m)
McClellan Butte 5,162 ft (1,573 m)
Mailbox Peak 4,841 ft (1,476 m)
Little Si 1,532 ft (467 m)
Garfield Mountain 5,453 ft (1,662 m)
Bare Mountain 5,207 ft (1,587 m)
Bandera Mountain 5,177 ft (1,578 m)