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Marblemount, Washington

Marblemount is often viewed as a spot to pick up backcountry permits and information at the North Cascades National Park Wilderness Information Center before heading into the park, but much like neighboring Rockport, Marblemount is a portal to local adventures as well. The town earned its reputation because it’s the base for NP employees during seasonal work stints. But, even underpaid and overworked government staffers need to get out once in awhile. The town has a few great stopovers to satiate the malnourished and under-boozed traveler. Once you recharge, some of the best peaks in the state – Eldorado (8,868 feet), Boston Glacier and Peak (8,894 feet), Sahale Mountain (8,681 feet), Forbidden Peak (8,816 feet) – are just up the road and the exceptional fishing on the Skagit and Sauk Rivers keeps salmon and steelhead guides busy almost year round. Marblemount might be where the park service chose to hang its hat, but for good reason – access, quality of life, and maybe the fact that it’s just darn gorgeous.


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Featured Mountains in Marblemount

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Snowking Mountain 7,388 ft (2,252 m)
Sahale Mountain 8,680 ft (2,646 m)
Mount Formidable 8,325 ft (2,537 m)
Lookout Mountain 5,699 ft (1,737 m)
Johannesburg Mountain 8,100 ft (2,469 m)
Hidden Lake Peaks 7,018 ft (2,139 m)
Helen Buttes 5,246 ft (1,599 m)
Forbidden Peak 8,815 ft (2,687 m)
Eldorado Peak 8,868 ft (2,703 m)