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Darrington, Washington

Darrington, Washington is a North Cascades adventure mecca. Whitehorse Mountain (6,841 feet) towers over town, beckoning climbers, hikers, and backcountry snow explorers to its jagged ridges. Situated in the upper Stillaguamish Valley, Darrington provides access to world-famous steelhead and trout fisheries on the Sauk, Suiattle, Whitechuck, Stillaguamish, and Skagit Rivers. The Skagit is considered by many to be the birthplace of the NW spey (two-handed) rod tradition and techniques. Each of these rivers offers up their own style of whitewater adventure for kayakers, canoers, and rafters. Darrington also serves as the access point to the upper Sauk River Valley (via the Mountain Loop Highway ) – a gateway to famous peaks like Whitechuck Mountain (6,690 feet), Mt Pugh (7,185 feet), and the towering 10,520-foot Glacier Peak. As a base to explore the North Cascades, Darrington provides access galore.


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Featured Mountains in Darrington

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Whitehorse Mountain 6,840 ft (2,085 m)
White Chuck Mountain 6,690 ft (2,039 m)
North Mountain 3,809 ft (1,161 m)
Mount Pugh 7,185 ft (2,190 m)
Jumbo Mountain 5,581 ft (1,701 m)
Hurricane Peak 6,217 ft (1,895 m)
Green Mountain 6,398 ft (1,950 m)
Gold Mountain 3,340 ft (1,018 m)
Glacier Peak 10,520 ft (3,206 m)