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NORBA: The Hardest Course
Norba #4The dust, the dirt, the angle, the accidents... Crystal reaped a cruel harvest. The hardest course yet crushed competitors with its severe terrain, as Elke Brutsaert testified: "...if you let go of the brakes, you're suddenly going Mammoth Kamikaze fast...."

K2: Frustration
Shawn O'Fallon expresses his frustration: "I tire of others living off the work of some of my team. I tire of seeing the incredible efforts put in by some and seeing many who will claim the same accomplishment...."

Forbidden Towers
Recovery in Hushe
Forbidden Towers big wall team member Jimmy Chin has recovered and "...tomorrow, we will head up to the Nangmah Valley to visit the American/Canadian expedition and to do a bit of climbing..."

Badwater Ultramarathon
120°, Fire and New Pavement
Take a 135-mile footrace across Death Valley, in temperatures so hot you need a meat thermometer, add a wildfire and a road crew laying new asphalt, and you get The 2000 Badwater Ultramarathon.

Forbidden Towers
Power of Partnership
Jon Otto completes the team's recollection of the successful summit of Mustagh Ata: "If Walter or I came down with the same affliction, I wonder if we could have carried on...."

Mountaion Bike Training Tips
Training Tips: Warm Yourself
Your legs feel heavy and unresponsive. Gasping for air, you feel like a VW Microbus sputtering up a mountain pass. Nobody enjoys suffering. So take these training tips and keep your muscles loose.

After 32 hours, 230 kilometers, and 11,000 meters, this one ended not on foot, but on a horse.

Living Life to the Fullest
Wally Berg wraps up the Climb for the Cure dispatches from Arusha, Tanzania.

Everest 2000
Ford Outfitters
With expeditions on both sides of the mountain... it was Everest 2000.

Mountain Biking
World Cup Tour

Art Wolfe
Official site of world-renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe.

With athletes from all the mountain sports.

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Norba mountain bike racing
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Karakoram Action


Hi-Tec Dallas
Adventure racing at a blistering pace with temperatures in the high 90s.

Mountain Biking
The Tissot-UCI World Cup rolled onto the high-altitude slopes for the second half of the season.

Dave Hahn on Everest
"I'm not eager to bring dishonor
upon that great mountain..."

Cordillera Blanca
Dispatches from an awesome ski mountaineering expedition.

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