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  • Training Tips
    Your legs feel heavy and unresponsive. Gasping for air, you feel like a VW Microbus sputtering up a mountain pass. Nobody enjoys suffering. So take these training tips and keep your muscles loose.
  • Bike Polo, Anyone?
    The blue-blooded reputation of the equestrian game is not one assumed by pedaling players. "Let's just say Rolex and Cadillac haven't called me to sponsor anything yet"...


  • Kokopelli Trail
    You can't taste the Navajo sandstone or feel the burning desert sun, but you can watch those who can as they navigate the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail.
  • Big Bear
    Sadly enough, I left town with just a taste. I'd sampled a bit of the singletrack, but I'm still craving more. If you desire ups, downs and sweeping views, Big Bear will take your breath away.
  • Ride the Divide
    No mere mortal on a mountain bike, John Stamstad pulled an 18-day timed solo of the Continental Divide, traveling 2,465 miles, climbing the equivalent of about six Everests.
  • Three-Legged Wolfe
    What he does best is get more people pedaling and reveling in a sport that most people think you need two legs to do.
  • Fruita, Colorado
    Mountain bikers have been driving past Fruita, Colorado, for years...What they didn't know was that you can now ride miles on some of the buffest singletrack right here.
  • East Coast Endos
    There I was...rolling over a dense, rooty singletrack underneath a canopy of big, wide floppy leaves, when suddenly I launched over my handlebars.
  • Moab Mecca
    If you like to stick to slicks, you won't have to change your tires for the infamous Slickrock. If you want to sweat out all your evils, the dry desert will squeeze you like a sponge.
  • Hello Muddah from Dirt Camp
    You got an attitude problem? Get whipped in pristine Keystone, Colorado and lose your training wheels at Dirt Camp.
  • Busted at Pot Peak
    Aside from all the cops with guns and the $100 fine, three friends had an epic day mountain biking switchback after switchback of single track.
  • Pedaling Laos
    A man, his bike, and the endless, dusty roads of Laos.
  • In Search of... Bigfoot
    Searching for the elusive beast is a great excuse to rip it up on a mountain bike.



  • Do Tread On Me
    We've been riding a set of Tioga Factory XC tires for the better part of a season. They've lived undisturbed on our favorite XC test bike with good reason. These are our favorites on our local trails.
  • Somebody Stop Me!
    Can it be true? A closed hydraulic braking system which boasts no-dragging and no-bleeding with easily adjustable stoppers?



  • Ned Overend
    While a half dozen hippies from NoCal to Colorado are considered the fathers of the mountain bike, many consider Ned Overend the father of mountain bike racing...
  • Shaums March Shaums March
    For years Shaums March paid his own way on the pro mountain biking tour. Now, after some amazing wins, Shaums has a new team and a new outlook.
  • Shaun Palmer
    When I heard USA Today put Shaun Palmer on the cover under the headline "World's Greatest Athlete," at first I balked. Who are they to say that? Did he say that? What do they know ?
  • Steve Larsen
    A top notch road racer, Larsen switched to mountain biking in 1994. Ranked #1 in the cross-country and #2 in the short track cross-country divisions of the National Championship Series, Larsen shared his experiences and passions.
  • Brett Wolfe
    Slowly sipping my mocha at my favorite, crunchy, coffee shop in Seattle, something caught my peripheral vision. This guy hops on up to the counter and only after staring inquisitively far too long did I realize he was sporting only one leg.
  • Gretchen Reeves Believes
    Pro cross country mountain biker, Gretchen Reeves, between rides and races for a few words. Surprisingly, we didn't have to pry her hands from the bars to get her out of the saddle.



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