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The Mountain Zone catches up with pro cross country mountain biker Gretchen Reeves between rides and races for a few words. Surprisingly, we didn't have to pry her hands from the bars to get her out of the saddle. Gretchen gives time for fun, friends and freeriding to keep her realities in check.

Attempting to keep up with her on a few descents, I began to wonder if she was working, training, or just having fun. I suspect all of the above.

"When I got on Team Catera, I pretty much just quit my job. Two weeks later I went down to New Mexico and started training and riding my bike just to get early season miles in..."

At 26, Gretchen is having her best cross country season to date. She opened the Norba season in Big Bear, California, on the new Catera Team, where she placed fifth. Apparently Gretchen just needed a little Pure Energy Team boost.

Surprising when you find out she took first in the 24 Hours of Moab endurance race in '95...and she boards, teleskis and hikes as well. Spending winters in Vail and, for the past three years, summers on the NORBA Pro Tour, Gretchen's got a few top-10s under her belt so look for her to step up onto a Norba podium near you.

Gretchen Reeves

How did you come to Vail?
"I came and stayed for the summer and when I left I was all sad so I came back..."
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Tell us about your off season training?
"Anybody that has ever had a powder day knows that it's the best thing in the world..."
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It was in Vail that you turned pro?
"I just went ahead and turned pro and it might have been a little bit premature but I wanted to go ahead and do it..."
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Gretchen Reeves

What about injuring yourself snowboarding?
"That's kind of one reason that I've been holding back, otherwise I'd probably be hucking the big 50 footers..."
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You started training early with Team Catera?
"When I got on Team Catera I pretty much just quit my job..."
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Gretchen @ Home
All Around

What do you see for next year?
"I think World Cups are where it's at — international competition is exciting and you know that you are with the best people in the world..."
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What other kinds of sports do you do?
"I do a lot of backpacking...and the winter sports...I telemark, snowshoe, skate-ski, run, and dance, go out dancing..."
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— Hans Prosl, Mountain Zone Staff

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