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Eric Simonson
Eric Simonson Live
Eric Simonson, leader of the Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition which stunned the world by finding the body of George Mallory on Everest after 75 years. On Jan. 19, Eric joined editor and publisher, Peter Potterfield, live in the studio to answer audience questions about this monumental moment in mountaineering history.

Ed Viesturs Live
If you missed it on Dec. 15, check out the archived interview with Ed Viesturs who, through his Endeavor 8000, is on a quest to become the first American to summit all of the world's 8,000m peaks.
Veikka Gustafsson
This Finnish climber has become famous as Ed Viesturs' climbing partner, but his record of 8,000m ascents stands for itself. Audio, video, and transcript interview with amazing video shot on Dhaulagiri.
Mark Twight
Since the early 1980s, Mark Twight has proven himself to be one of America's top alpinists. Probably best known for his controversial and confrontational writings in climbing journals, his routes are among the most difficult.
  • Mark Twight: Alpinist Extreme .
    Alex Lowe
    He's often referred to as the best all-around climber in the world. Whether it's 8,000 meter peaks or big wall climbs, Alex always took it to another level.
    Heidi Howkins
    Just back from an unsuccessful attempt on K2 in the Karakoram of Pakistan, Howkins speaks about that climb and others.
    Ed Viesturs: IMAX
    Ed Viesturs talks about about filming the IMAX Everest movie with David Breashears, the '96 tragedy, and climbing in general.
    Dave Hahn
    Dave Hahn, two-time Everest summiter and a favorite correspondent, opens up a little bit about the process by which he produces dispatches of rare eloquence.
    Greg Child
    Greg Child exclusive interview. In his new book, Postcards from the Ledge, Child takes you into his world where the hope is that the climb will never end.
    Vernon Tejas
    Vernon Tejas: The Mountain Guide Interview Series kicks off with the climber best known for the first solo winter ascent of Denali.
    Makalu Gau
    Eight people died that day in '96, but one man survived the deadly terror of a night out on Everest above 8,000 meters.
  • Lene Gammelgaard
    Lene Gammelgaard, who survived the infamous 1996 tragedy on the upper slopes of Mount Everest, was the first to write a book about it. Climbing High was first published in Denmark in 1997, and earlier this year was released in the United States.
    Conrad Anker
    Conrad Anker, who was caught in the avalanche on Shishapangma that took the lives of Alex Lowe and David Bridges, shares his thoughts about the tragic events of October 5, 1999.
    Katie Brown
    Katie Brown is an obvious contender for the title of "world's best female sport climber." After only a few years in the sport, she has reset the standards and set a new benchmark.
    Lynn Hill Live
    Live interactive interview with world-class climber Lynn Hill was in our studio for a live, interactive interview.
  • Lynn Hill: Climbing Through the Glass Ceiling.
    Wally Berg
    Wally Berg is considered the "quiet American" by many of the world's best high altitude climbers. He not only reached the summit of Everest, but was able to spend two hours on the top.
    Eric Simonson
    Back from Everest where he lead the 1999 Mallory & Irvine Research Expedition to unexpected success, Eric shares his thoughts on the team's high-profile search and expands on some of the intriguing details.
    Pete Athans
    "Those peaks actually describe the amphitheater known as the Western Cwm, and make up an Everest Trilogy, if you will. It's never been done before, and that's frankly one of the reasons it holds interest for me."
    Jim Wickwire
    Jim Wickwire: Interview (audio, video, and transcript) with the climbing legend and author of the book of climbing epics, "Addicted to Danger".


    Shaums March
    Shaums March
    For years Shaums March paid his own way on the pro mountain biking tour. Now, after some amazing wins, Shaums has a new team and a new outlook.


    Dick Barrymore
    Ski Filmmaker Dick Barrymore
    Ski film legend: "I wouldn't trade one moonrise over the Aiguilles in Chamonix, one sunrise from the summit of the Matterhorn, or one choking powder run for a basket full of GM blue-chip stock certificates."

    Josh Loubek
    Pro freeskier Loubek is riding the wave of a skiing renaissance.
    Dean Cummings
    It's early morning in Valdez, Alaska. Owner and head guide of Valdez H2O Heli Adventures, Dean Cummings, together with the pilot, camera guy and athlete talent lift off into the immense mountains of the Chugach Range.
    Seth Morrison
    Seth Morrison arrived in Seattle late on a Friday afternoon, just hours before the Global Storming film showing, with nothing but the clothes on his back no carry-on, no clean socks, no toothbrush.
    Dave Swanwick
    He has been known to partake in such non-conformist ski endeavors as telemark skiing down the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. When he's not guiding film crews to the sweetest spots in the big mountains of Alaska, the cameras are on him.
    Tommy Moe
    Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe announced in June that he was retiring from the team after 12 years on the World Cup circuit. What's ahead for an accomplished athlete retired at the ripe young age of 28?
    Scot Schmidt & Rob DesLauriers
    They push the limits of skiing, and we push the limits of the Internet with this video broadcast, which coincided with the release of the film Higher on the Mountain
    Steve Winter
    Global Storming, Sick Sense, Pura Vida, The Tribe. It sounds like a week's worth of late-night television flicks, but, in fact, this is the filmography of Matchstick Productions (MSP), a seven-year-old ski film company started by Steve Winter.
    Picabo Street
    At split-second speed, Street lost control making a turn around a gate near the top of the course and lay fallen with a broken left femur and a torn right knee. It was everybody's question: was this the end of a career for America's sweetheart?
    John Eaves
    Bond evaded villains by skiing the bobsled run in the film For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore it wasn't, it was Eaves...John Eaves.
    Phil Mahre
    Now 16 years after he and his twin brother shared the top two spots on the Sarajevo Olympic podium, Phil Mahre remains America's most winning skier.


    Shaun White
    Shaun White
    He's only 13 years old, but Shaun White is competing with the big kids, traveling all over the world, and getting noticed. Here's what the übergrom has to say about riding, skating, video games and mean teachers.

    Barrett Christy
    Perhaps fellow pro Todd Richards put it best when he said, "Barrett's really little but she carries a big stick ."
    Julie Zell
    Julie Zell has spent the past 10 years immersed in the sport of snowboarding. She's pioneered big-mountain riding for women and taken numerous extreme snowboarding titles.
    Shaun Palmer
    Shaun Palmer, who took his first World Cup Mountain Biking Downhill win last week, talks skiing, boarding, BMXing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, skiercross and boardercross.
    Barrett Christy
    Some ride, others RIDE! Barrett has been stealing the show since she strapped on a board. In fact, she's beginning to embarrass the men.
    Jake Burton Carpenter
    Snowboarding pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter talks past and present about the fastest growing sport ever. Good thing he didn't stop riding his Snurfer when no one thought it was cool.
    Matt Goodwill
    Matt Goodwill has seen and done it all in 13 years of riding. In this exclusive interview he talks about the sport he loves.
    Ross Rebagliati
    No matter the credentials that propelled him to gold at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games, it was what happened after that has been his onus.
    Tina Basich
    Tina Basich could be considered the "Godmother of Boarding." In talking to her, it seems she doesn't simply love snowboarding, but envelopes it..

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