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  • Mother/Daughter on Mera
    Everyone always asks me, "How did you convince your mother to go climb Mera Peak in Nepal?" I respond that it was my mother's idea... Mom had traveled with my grandmother to the Annapurna region 12 years ago...
  • Trip to Shangri-La
    A stunning journey through Bhutan, from the precariously perched monasteries to the valleys 1000 feet below.
  • Scenic Sikkim
    A journey into this mysterious Indian state, where the landscape is breathtaking and a monk can predict your future.

    National Parks

  • Yosemite
    Despite devastating floods in 1996, America's favorite national park is up and running. Find out which trails are open and get contact information right here.
  • Backcountry Footsteps
    Expert adventurers Jim O'Connell and Scott Codespoti stomped the Glacier National Park backcountry.
  • 101 Days and Nights
    On Tuesday, June 20, day 101, we hiked seven miles down Courthouse Wash, to the conclusion of our journey. After many adventures, a couple of scars, and many, many memories, we were done. Our bodies withstood the rigors of the trek, so did our minds.
  • Hiking Arches
    Though the word "arches" may invoke visions of greasy fast food, it should instead conjure the image of one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world.
  • Mauna Loa
    "Mauna Loa was a much more than any of us could have imagined."

    Multi-day Treks



  • Ordesa Valley Spain
    The important thing about exploring the Pirineo mountain range is to bring plenty of spaghetti and not use crampons — on principle. Spanish text available..
  • Patagonia
    Northwest hikers push through South American winds to explore the endless ice-fields, steep mud, and epic views of Patagonia..
  • Scotch and Scotland
    The rugged peaks of gabbro rock in the Cuillin Mountains loom high above the Sea of the Hebrides islands. We hiked them, drinking from the streams (and the stills).
  • Eco-Morocco
    Check out 1998's Eco-Challenge in North Africa.


  • The Hiking Pub
    Check out the stories Zoners lived to tell and submit one of your own!
  • Through Hiking at 60
    A late bloomer, Sandra Johnson took up power hiking a decade ago, at age 56. She's been kicking serious butt ever since.
  • Snow Leopard
    The International Snow Leopard Trust celebrates its 15th Anniversary with renown author, naturalist and explorer Peter Mathiessen as a guest speaker.
  • Safe Hiking
    Even a small medical emergency in the mountains can ruin an entire trip... unless you are prepared.

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