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  • Rules of the White Room
    At the World Extremes in Valdez, Alaska, knee-deep powder tempted some of the world's best skiers away from runs so steep they'd make a window washer nervous.
  • Red Bull Huckfest
    Skiers and snowboarders went for big air and style in Snowbird.
  • Moseley & Plake
    Word from the winner and the judge of the Moseley Invitational.
  • Connecting the Drops
    Video, stories, and photos from the rock gardens and buttresses of Diamond Bowl at Blackcomb, where skiers threaded their way across the most precipitous ridges.
  • Heli Challenge
    World-class competitors found deep, dry southern powder at the Rip Curl Heli Challenge.


    Freeskiing Features
  • Dave "Swany" Swanwick
    Dave Swanwick checks in and shares with us his tales of great ski adventures from around the world, giving us inspiration to call in sick on powder days.
  • Film Guide 2K
    Check out the freshest films to keep you going through the summer heat.
  • Bombs Before Breakfast
    Dave Hahn drops in on his old job as a ski patroller in Taos, New Mexico.
  • Avalanche Awareness
    You ducked the rope beyond the "Closed Area" signs. You just made a big mistake.
  • First Descents in Siberia
    The Altai Ski/Snowboard expedition ventured into a remote area of northern Asia. Join as it followed the team's attempt to descend Mt. Belukha, the Altai Range's highest peak.
  • Movie Star Start
    Impress your friends and go Hollywood on the slopes with John Egan.
  • Behind the K2 Factory Doors
    In 1961, on tiny Vashon Island in Washington's Puget Sound, two brothers named Kirschner decided to make a pair of fiberglass skis.
  • Eaves... John Eaves
    Bond evaded villains by skiing the bobsled run in the film For Your Eyes Only. Roger Moore it wasn't, it was Eaves...John Eaves.
  • The Wild, Wild Northwest
    If heli-skiing is beyond your budget, check out the footage these Zoners brought back after a day in Washington's North Cascades.
  • Gravity Check
    First descents of remote peaks captured by filmmakers who combine work and play for the good life.
  • Confessions of a Double Convert
    Would you trade your skis for a board? If you've ever been tempted, you may need a trip to Valle Nevado, Chile.
  • Scot Schmidt Tells How to ski powder and crud in this column, from the master who knows. He's the living legend of the steep, white frontier.


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    Freeskiing Competitions
  • Hut-to-Hut
    Backcountry skiing in the Trophy Mountains of Canada.
  • The Zen of Kick-and-Glide
    The trail meandered along the flats on the west side of the river, through open forests of pine and hemlock...
  • Backcountry Randonnee
    How does endless powder minus the lift lines sound? Nope, we aren't talking about heli-skiing. With a bit more preparation than usual, you can alpine ski wherever you please.



      Freeskiing Competitions
    • Cordillera Blanca Ski Expedition
      Led by Mountain Link guide Jake Norton, team members Porter Fox, Bissell Hazen, Wade McKoy and Moss Patterson climbed and skied two peaks in Peru's Ishinca Valley.
    • Antarctica Photos
      Stephen Koch brought back some amazing shots from the 1999 Antarctica Ski & Snowboard Expedition.
    • 2000 Antarctic Peninsula Ski/Snowboard Expedition
      Members of the Antarctic Peninsula Climb and Ski/Snowboard Expedition cruised from Ushuaia, Argentina, aboard a Russian research vessel (with an ice-hardened hull) to the wild and pristine western shore of the Antarctic Peninsula.
    • 1999 Antarctica Ski & Snowboard Expedition
      This expedition successfully climbed and descended Vinson Massif (16,076ft/4,897m), the highest peak in Antarctica. In addition, three team members: Doug Coombs, Mark Newcomb and Stephen Koch, made the first ski and snowboard descents of nearby Mt. Shinn.
    • Altai Ski/Snowboard Expedition
      Scot Schmidt, Rob DesLauriers, Kasha Rigby were among those who climbed and descended Mt. Belukha in the remote Altai Mountains of Siberia.
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