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Telemark Bump Buffet
The morning was clear and cold for the 20th annual Rocky Mountain Telemark Breckenridge Bump Buffet. People came from all over the US and Canada to participate and watch this classic skiing event known for its crazy costumes and great telemark skiing.

Team costumes included "Teleo and Juliet," the "Tele Patrol," the "Naughty Nordic Nurses" and "Alice in Teleland." Most of the teams performed skits, hamming it up for the crowd as they maneuvered down the course that is full of Volkswagen Beetle-sized bumps.

The costume of choice this year was obvious as half a dozen teams dressed up as Teletubbies and were often chased by a homophobic fat televangelist. The crowd's favorite was four local kids ages 8 - 12 years, dressed as Teletubbies, ripping it up in Garmont Teledactyl plastic boots for kids, and throwing spread eagles like nobody's business.

After the team competition, the individuals sported their costumes, or in one case, without a costume. The crowd went wild as the man in his birthday suit streaked through the course and did a another spread eagle off the final jump for the judges — and yes, he did crash the landing.

Spectators hike up the hill to stake out a viewing spot along the course. Tunes cranked from the judges stand and the crowd was so stoked, you would think Jerry Garcia was about to come back for a guest appearance. People danced to the music and tourists stopped by to ask questions such as, "what is free heel?"

The party eventually staggered and steered its way down Peak Eight for the awards ceremony and raffle. A buffet-style dinner was served with cold beer as the band played. After 20 years, a lot of events tend to loose their magic, but the Breckenridge Bump Buffet hasn't missed a beat. Two hundred telemark enthusiasts converged like a clan to celebrate a free heel, free mind way of life.

Jimmy Ludlow, Mountain Zone Correspondent

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