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World Cup Telemark Skiing
Snowbird, Utah
January 6-7, 1999

Day One: Swiss Sprint to Top
Day Two: Norwegians Dominate Men's and Women's Races

World Cup Telemark Skiing The hill
These free-heel skiers, in a sport that might be better known for its off-piste backcountry freedom following, will show off their knee-droppin' telemark turns around the gates and on the courses, most notable of which is the classic. Here in Snowbird, World Cup telemark skiers are competing against each other in a shorter version called the sprint classic— two sprint classics in two days.

A typical classic course starts with a downhill section and transitions through a variety of terrain including sections of free skiing, giant slalom, super G, skating, nordic distance jumping and 360 degree bank turns (also known as "the noose"). The sprint classic is an abbreviated version of this, with giant slalom, jump, reipelykkja and a uphill sections to the finish line.

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