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Telluride, Colorado

If you trace the Rocky Mountains to southwest Colorado and stumble upon a small town surrounded by 270 degrees of towering peaks and rolling forests that leaves your neck sore and jaw dropped, you’re probably in Telluride. This historic former mining town has an immortal spot within the ski world but also has a few secrets to share with hikers, bikers, rafters, golfers, climbers, fishermen, and music fans seeking year-round adventure. When the hills are snow-free consider driving over one of the high mountain passes nearby, or consider a guided trip if you don’t have a high-clearance 4WD and the gumption to tackle it yourself. The views from above town are superb. Telluride (elevation 8750 ft) is surrounded by several Colorado 14ers.

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Featured Mountains in Telluride

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Wasatch Mountain 13,540 ft (4,127 m)
Trico Peak 13,300 ft (4,054 m)
Telluride Peak 13,481 ft (4,109 m)
Silver Mountain 12,933 ft (3,942 m)
Palmyra Peak 13,251 ft (4,039 m)
Mount Sneffels 14,150 ft (4,313 m)
La Junta Peak 13,445 ft (4,098 m)
Dallas Peak 13,674 ft (4,168 m)
Bald Mountain 11,850 ft (3,612 m)
Ajax Peak 12,779 ft (3,895 m)