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Roslyn, Washington

Roslyn, Washington is a quirky town with some serious history. Like many mountain towns, it was founded as a mining settlement, but Roslyn kept its mining operations running until 1963 and continued processing coal until 1987. It is home to the oldest, continuously operating bar in Washington state – The Brick. Roslyn was also the backdrop for the cult TV show Northern Exposure and still holds an annual Moosefest for the fans of fictional Cicely, Alaska. The downtown is preserved as a National Historic Landmark and one of the unique tourist destinations is its cemetery, divided up by nationality, which stands as a testament to the rich history of Roslyn’s cultural community. Roslyn is now a major resort destination as a mecca for snowmobiling and snowshoeing in the winter, and hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, fly fishing, and golfing in the summer. Through all the changes, the little 1,000-person town has managed to keep its character and remain one of the classic towns in the Cascades. Recreation near town is densest up the Cle Elum River Valley around the well-known Salmon La Sac Campground.


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    Snoqualmie Pass’ 3,000-foot elevation isn’t impressive even by Washington standards. So why are there four separate ski areas? And even stranger, why is there a high concentration of backcountry skiing routes in the area? Well it’s a combo of high snowfall amounts above that elevation and the proximity to a couple million people down the hill. […]

Featured Mountains in Roslyn

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Mount Daniel 7,884 ft (2,403 m)
Jolly Mountain 6,371 ft (1,942 m)
Hex Mountain 4,990 ft (1,521 m)
Hawkins Mountain 7,106 ft (2,166 m)
French Cabin Mountain 5,563 ft (1,696 m)
Esmeralda Peaks 6,365 ft (1,940 m)
Domerie Peak 4,619 ft (1,408 m)
Davis Peak 6,342 ft (1,933 m)
Cathedral Rock 6,604 ft (2,013 m)
Sasse Ridge 5,305 ft (1,617 m)