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North Conway, New Hampshire

North Conway, New Hampshire sits on the eastern edge of the White Mountain National Forest and is surrounded by numerous ski areas, destination climbing areas, and some of the best backpacking and hiking in the Northeast. When the snow is falling, residents ski at Mount Cranmore in town or have the choice of heading 8 miles west to Attitash Resort, 10 miles north to Black Mountain, or if they are feeling adventurous, 20 miles north to Wildcat Mountain. The White Mountains offer up a healthy amount of backcountry terrain to please the earn-your-turns crowd as well. When the snow melts, climbers flock to Cathedral Ledge, a 500-foot face that overlooks Echo Lake and the surrounding Saco River Valley. The White Mountains again offer up their bountiful backcountry to hikers and backpackers looking to explore the extensive hut system or take a stab at the Presidential Traverse. The town’s bucolic, yet rugged location initially drew artists to settle the area in the 19th century; today, the art community in the valley lives on, making for a unique cultural experience when you come out of the backcountry.


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Featured Mountains in North Conway

Mountain Approx. Elevation
White Horse Trail 751 ft (229 m)
South Moat Mountain 2,717 ft (828 m)
Peaked Mountain 1,673 ft (510 m)
Mount Stanton 1,673 ft (510 m)
Mount Kearsarge North 3,251 ft (991 m)
Cranmore Mountain 1,673 ft (510 m)
Black Cap 2,356 ft (718 m)
Big Attitash Mountain 2,904 ft (885 m)
Barlett Mountain 2,579 ft (786 m)