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Lincoln, New Hampshire

The rolling, granitic White Mountains are the focus of outdoor pursuits in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Hiking on the well-established mountain trails of Franconia Notch State Park, home to the now-collapsed Old Man of the Mountain, has captivated visitors for over 150 years. For the more hardened hiker, the 23-mile Presidential Traverse crosses a series of peaks aptly named for a few of America’s founding fathers (strangely some of the more obvious ones, like Mt. Jackson, were not). The Traverse crosses at least eight peaks and offers up over 9,000 feet of elevation gain. The 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail, which crosses the White Mountains near town, funnels thru-hikers into Lincoln to enjoy some respite and re-supply or grab some frontcountry fuel at one of the tasty breweries or restaurants. Whatever the pursuit, there is enough freedom around Lincoln to follow New Hampshire’s state ultimatum “Live Free or Die.”

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Featured Mountains in Lincoln

Mountain Approx. Elevation
North Peak 3,065 ft (934 m)
Mount Pemigewasset 2,557 ft (779 m)
Mount Liberty 4,459 ft (1,359 m)
Mount Lafayette 5,240 ft (1,597 m)
Mount Flume 4,318 ft (1,316 m)
Cannon Mountain 4,029 ft (1,228 m)
Big Coolidge Mountain 3,268 ft (996 m)
Bald Mountain 2,241 ft (683 m)
Franconia Ridge 4,961 ft (1,512 m)
Old Man of the Mountain (Historical) 2,881 ft (878 m)