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Leadville, Colorado

At 10,200 feet, Leadville, Colorado is the highest incorporated city in the United States, right above Brian Head, Utah (9,800 feet) and Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico (9,321 feet). During the late 1800s, this silver mining town was the second most populated town in Colorado – outside of Denver – but as mining operations ended, Leadville was left with a dwindling population that had to deal with the unfortunate ecological consequences of mining, namely the nearby California Gulch Superfund Site. Leadville has since become a high-elevation sports mecca. Runners and cyclists flock to the two-mile-high city for altitude training and conditioning, while backpackers, climbers, and backcountry travelers come to explore the Mount Massive Wilderness, the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, and the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness. Colorado’s fly fishing community also makes a pilgrimage to the Arkansas River, whose headwaters are few miles from town, to kick off dry-fly season with the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. Leadville is so outdoorsy, they even have their own homegrown clothing brand – Melanzana – which is the closest thing to a secret handshake in the Colorado outdoor community.


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Featured Mountains in Leadville

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Chalk Mountain 1,683 ft (513 m)
Prospect Mountain 12,611 ft (3,844 m)
Mount Sherman 14,036 ft (4,278 m)
Mount Sheridan 13,743 ft (4,189 m)
Mount Massive 14,421 ft (4,396 m)
Mount Elbert (State High Point) 14,433 ft (4,399 m)
Horseshoe Mountain 13,894 ft (4,235 m)
Homestake Peak 13,212 ft (4,027 m)
Galena Mountain 12,287 ft (3,745 m)
Buckeye Peak 12,867 ft (3,922 m)