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Jackson, Wyoming

Upon first stepping foot in Jackson, you’ll notice the blend of two different worlds – the frontier west and the outdoor elite. The abundance of skiing, climbing, rafting, and mountain biking within such close proximity to town is what gives Jackson its reputation as one of the top outdoor destinations in the world. Pair that with Jackson’s rich frontier history – and rugged origins as a fur trading outpost – and you have the perfect combination of cowboy chic and mountain-guide grit. Most notably nearby is Grand Teton National Park, home to some of the best mountaineering in North America. Your legs will be screaming after descending the largest continuous vertical drop in the US at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Rigid carbon forks are as common as dual crown monsters here, where roadies can train at high altitude and downhillers can shuttle for days. If wildlife is what you are looking for and you are in town, there are probably big game animals behind you right now, and if not, Yellowstone National Park is just a few hours away. Post-adventure, walk through the historic downtown and wet your whistle at one of the many saloons and restaurants along the main drag. Whether you are just visiting or decided never to leave, Jackson is the quintessential mountain town to satisfy the demands of any outdoor enthusiast.

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Featured Mountains in Jackson

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Teewinot Mountain 12,325 ft (3,757 m)
South Teton 12,514 ft (3,814 m)
Snow King Mountain 7,802 ft (2,378 m)
Rendezvous Mountain 10,948 ft (3,337 m)
Mount Moran 12,605 ft (3,842 m)
Middle Teton 12,804 ft (3,903 m)
Grand Teton 13,770 ft (4,197 m)
East Gros Ventre Butte 7,411 ft (2,259 m)
Gros Ventre Range 9,997 ft (3,047 m)