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Greenwater, Washington

Greenwater is the northern gateway to Mt. Rainier (14,411 feet) as well as Crystal Mountain Ski Area, a favorite area of Puget Sound skiers. Some of the best mountain bike areas in Washington state – Sun Top, Skookum Flat, and the Dalles Range – are just up the road as well. Add in the White River (fishing, kayaking) that runs the length of Highway 410, and living in Greenwater seems mighty tempting for the adventurer. But blink and you might miss it; the main drag is a small stretch of shops and restaurants that most speed by hoping to beat the traffic up to Crystal. For those who can slow down, Greenwater is just the place.

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Featured Mountains in Greenwater

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Sun Top 5,256 ft (1,602 m)
Noble Knob 5,961 ft (1,817 m)
Mount Rainier (State High Point) 14,411 ft (4,392 m)
Crystal Mountain 6,978 ft (2,127 m)
Colquhoun Peak 5,138 ft (1,566 m)
Burroughs Mountain 7,405 ft (2,257 m)
Grass Mountain 4,052 ft (1,235 m)
Dalles Ridge 5,718 ft (1,743 m)
Cowlitz Chimneys 7,464 ft (2,275 m)