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Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff Arizona is centrally located for diverse adventures from high mountains to deep canyons. Many already know that Flagstaff is a base camp for vacations to Grand Canyon National Park, but few know about the other outdoor gems near this city of 70,000 folks that sits at about 7000 feet above sea level. At an elevation like that and being located on a huge flat plain known as the Colorado Plateau, it’s hard to believe that mountains tower over this city. The volcanic San Francisco Peaks rise to nearly 13,000 feet and are covered with trails, viewpoints, and a ski area. This high plateau has a sharp cliffy edge to the south known as the Mogollon Rim and it’s not far from Flagstaff. The red rocks of Sedona are close as are ancient native American archaeological sites in Walnut Canyon. Other attractions include many volcanic craters and even a meteor crater. Flagstaff comes with a cool downtown with old hotels, a wide selection of restaurants, and a well-known brewery. It’s the perfect base camp for so many discoveries.

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Featured Mountains in Flagstaff

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Walnut Canyon Loop Trail 6,460 ft (1,969 m)
Lava Flow Trail 6,959 ft (2,121 m)
O’Leary Peak 8,871 ft (2,704 m)
Humphreys Peak (State High Point) 12,633 ft (3,851 m)
Fremont Peak 11,969 ft (3,648 m)
Elden Mountain 8,569 ft (2,612 m)
Cinder Hills 6,880 ft (2,097 m)
Agassiz Peak 12,356 ft (3,766 m)
Mogollon Rim 3,163 ft (964 m)
Fisher Point 6,873 ft (2,095 m)