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Sedona, Arizona

Conjure up the archetypal image of a desert landscape – red sandstone towers rising out of a sea of dense pine and cypress trees, baking in the thin heat – and chances are your mind’s eye just drifted through Sedona, Arizona. Aside from its sterile desert beauty, the town is a melting pot of new-age hippies, conservative retirees, tourists, and of course, outdoor enthusiasts. The iconic sandstone towers provide ample adventure climbing, partially due to their somewhat chossy nature, but certainly do not disappoint. If technical mountain biking is your cup of tea, there are plenty of local rock gardens to keep your forearms and shoulders burning for days. Sedona’s hiking trails are filled classic photo ops of scenic buttes, however, the real hidden gem of the area is the world-class canyoneering. The eroded canyons coming off the Mogollon Rim yield epic descents through slots and waterfalls. Ever picturesque, Sedona offers many adventures off the beaten path, and with a milder climate than its southern neighbors, the season for fun lasts quite a bit longer.

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Featured Mountains in Sedona

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Wilson Mountain 7,096 ft (2,163 m)
Table Top Mountain 4,826 ft (1,471 m)
Steamboat Rock 5,374 ft (1,638 m)
Munds Mountain 6,837 ft (2,084 m)
Coffeepot Rock 5,246 ft (1,599 m)
Chimney Rock 5,148 ft (1,569 m)
Capitol Butte 6,342 ft (1,933 m)
Brins Mesa 5,443 ft (1,659 m)
Bell Rock 4,816 ft (1,468 m)