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Bishop, California

Bishop sits in a valley between the largest mountain range in California, The Sierra Nevadas (home to 14,505-foot Mt. Whitney), and the highest mountain range completely inside the Great Basin, The White Mountains. The scenic California town sees visitors from all over the world, who come to climb the famous mountains, boulders, cliffs, and crags around Bishop. Or, they come to find new ascents and take advantage of the remote backcountry of the eastern Sierras. Or, every Memorial Day Weekend, they come with their prize mules in tow for Bishop’s Mule Days Celebration – a mule-heavy gathering complete with parades, competitions, square dancing, live music, and all the food and drink to go with it. Climbing really put Bishop on the international map, but the proximity to epic skiing at Mammoth, mountain biking, hiking, wilderness areas, and cowboy culture draws new visitors up Highway 395 every year.

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Featured Mountains in Bishop

Mountain Approx. Elevation
White Mountain Peak 14,246 ft (4,342 m)
Waucoba Mountain 11,079 ft (3,377 m)
Sheep Mountain 12,470 ft (3,801 m)
Red Slate Mountain 13,140 ft (4,005 m)
Mount Tom 13,284 ft (4,049 m)
Mount Emerson 13,169 ft (4,014 m)
Mount Barcroft 13,054 ft (3,979 m)
Mammoth Mountain 11,007 ft (3,355 m)
Banner Ridge 8,277 ft (2,523 m)
Devils Postpile 7,877 ft (2,401 m)