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Ardenvoir, Washington

Ardenvoir is the last chance services stop if you are headed up the Entiat Valley to explore the Chelan Mountains (to the north) and the Entiat Mountains (to the south). The tiny community has become a gateway for adventurers looking to bag one of Washington’s Bulgers (the 100 highest peaks in the state), mountain bike, backpack, or backcountry ski on the southeastern slopes of the Cascades. As you climb into the Wenatchee National Forest, there are some phenomenal high basins to call home for an evening or to serve as your basecamp. If you want to swing over to the Chelan Valley, there are two routes from the Entiat Valley – Slide Ridge and Shady Pass (both vehicle accessible). Thrilling scenic roadways blanket Entiat Ridge, traversing the peaks and canyons that emanate from its central spine. Most roads meander back to Ardenvoir and it’s one stop shop – Cooper’s Cafe and General Store. You can’t miss it.


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Featured Mountains in Ardenvoir

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Stormy Mountain 7,146 ft (2,178 m)
Saska Peak 8,404 ft (2,562 m)
Pinnacle Mountain 8,400 ft (2,560 m)
Chumstick Mountain 5,810 ft (1,771 m)
Big Hill 6,808 ft (2,075 m)
Angle Peak 6,716 ft (2,047 m)
Slide Ridge 5,417 ft (1,651 m)
Moe Ridge 3,205 ft (977 m)
Devils Backbone 6,690 ft (2,039 m)