One Year of Adventure in Park City, Utah

Sunrise above Park City I take a bite then watch as a red bead of chili oil squeezes through the folds of my tightly wrapped burrito; it’s that moment we all know and dread. The oil free-falls in slow motion, landing just to the right of my crotch zipper. Shit. But before I can reach […]

The Soul of Skiing: A Powder Day at Alta

Boom! Crash! The sound of the morning’s avalanche control sends my head flying off the pillow nearly colliding with the bottom of the bunk above me. There’s brown glass all over the floor from the Sessions Lager bottle I left precariously sitting on the sill of my window overnight. Boom! Another bomb goes off. It has […]

A User Guide to Summit County Colorado

Sandwiched between the continental divide and a spectacular array of 13- and 14,000-foot mountains, Summit County boasts the highest elevation stretch of I-70 as it crosses central Colorado. With four world-class ski resorts, multiple 14ers, one of the main headwaters of the Colorado River, and an endless amount of alpine terrain, there is a reason […]

A Tribute to Adam Roberts

Reading about an avalanche death causes a flood of emotion – sorrow for the loss, pain and anger from those close to the deceased, fear and uncertainty as you run through the list of people you love that call the backcountry home. Then the analytical mind kicks into gear. What happened? Where were they riding? […]

Early Season Ridicule

“Are you going….skiing?” he asked as we passed him on the summer hiking trail before dawn. We were just as surprised to see a hunter juggling a rifle and a beer at 6 am as he was to see a skier and snowboarder lugging snowblades and camping gear out of the backcountry. But, as winter […]