Pillars in Tulare County, California

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Pillars in Tulare County California

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Balance Rock 4,176 ft (1,273 m)
Beetle Rock 6,404 ft (1,952 m)
Center Basin Crags 12,182 ft (3,713 m)
Chimney Rock 7,392 ft (2,253 m)
Ericson Crags 12,726 ft (3,879 m)
Finger Rock 8,871 ft (2,704 m)
Hospital Rock 2,743 ft (836 m)
Keeler Needle 14,032 ft (4,277 m)
Lion Rock 12,096 ft (3,687 m)
Pattee Rocks 4,232 ft (1,290 m)
Slick Rock 2,858 ft (871 m)
Tharps Rock 10,699 ft (3,261 m)
The Major General 12,316 ft (3,754 m)
The Minster 12,273 ft (3,741 m)
Tunnel Rock 1,991 ft (607 m)

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