Ridges in Marin County, California

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Ridges in Marin County California

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Big Rock Ridge 1,857 ft (566 m)
Blithedale Ridge 906 ft (276 m)
Blue Ridge 938 ft (286 m)
Bolinas Ridge 2,070 ft (631 m)
Clydes Ridge 305 ft (93 m)
Corte Madera Ridge 974 ft (297 m)
Coyote Ridge 833 ft (254 m)
Happersberger Point 738 ft (225 m)
Inverness Ridge 984 ft (300 m)
Mount Tamalpais 2,571 ft (784 m)
Pams Blue Ridge 843 ft (257 m)
Pecks Ridge 1,440 ft (439 m)
Pine Mountain Ridge 1,650 ft (503 m)
Rocky Ridge 1,250 ft (381 m)
Southern Heights Ridge 440 ft (134 m)
Windy Ridge 715 ft (218 m)
Wolf Ridge 846 ft (258 m)

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