Pinal County Mountains, Arizona

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Featured Mountains in Pinal County

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Sierra Estrella 3,884 ft (1,184 m)
Apache Peak 6,434 ft (1,961 m)
Black Mountain 5,577 ft (1,700 m)
Hutton Peak 5,590 ft (1,704 m)
Iron Mountain 6,030 ft (1,838 m)
Little Table Mountain 6,201 ft (1,890 m)
Pinto Peak 5,905 ft (1,800 m)
Superstition Mountain 5,036 ft (1,535 m)
Table Mountain 6,138 ft (1,871 m)
White Mountain 6,050 ft (1,844 m)

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Pinal County, Arizona is home to 223 summits, ridges, ranges, trails and other mountain features. Click on the pins on the map to see the name and a link to more information about that place. Above you’ll also see links to pages with maps of all the different features in Pinal County.