Spending a Week in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii

Kona is our favorite place in Hawaii. From town you can access any adventure on the island and its relaxed vibe is a break from the resorts and tourist meccas. Over the past two decades, my wife Julie and I have explored all of Hawaii’s islands but now we always come back to the Big […]

Map of the Hawaii Volcanoes

Having just visited Hawaii, I was curious about the island chain and all its volcanoes. I’ve read a few general things about the volcanoes in my travel guidebooks, but I wanted more details. Which ones are active? Is it possible to reach the summit on all of them? Which ones are accessible by car or by […]

Map of the Highest Points in Each of the 50 States

Many have heard about the state highpoints quest and contemplated it over a beverage or two. An experienced mountaineer or even someone who is fit and very determined could do most of the peaks. You could even get a little help, like on Rainier where climbers often use a guide service. Denali in Alaska however, is in […]

Grand Teton and the Teton Range

There is a reason why the Ansel Adams photographs of the Snake River and the Tetons have become some of his most recognizable works. The dramatic contrast between the flat river valley and the steep peaks is stunning. Grand Teton stands erect at 13,770 feet and Jenny Lake, at its base, sits at 6,783 feet. […]

My First Trip to Winthrop and the Methow Valley

The snow began falling as we hit Pateros and climbed the Methow Valley Highway. The light flurries obfuscated the distance. “Deer!” I swerved across the yellow lines and back, feeling lucky we hadn’t seen any cars heading down the valley yet. I guess most Methow residents settle in before Saturday night winter storms. Right before […]

Abajo Mountains

The Abajo Mountains are visible from much of southeast Utah. They dominate the skyline of foothill towns like Monticello to the east and Blanding to the south. These remote mountains are filled with stunning scenery, like the conifers and quaking aspens of the valleys and north slopes. For the locals, they are a popular place […]

Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is so colorful and uniquely beautiful that it’s fit for kings, queens, and even Gods. That’s if they like dry high deserts which are hot as hell in the summer and damned cold in the winter. This place is so special that BLM designated the road through it as a scenic […]