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Whitefish, Montana

Northwest border towns have a wild feeling to them – the wilderness and waterways pay no attention to national boundaries and offer up the chance to experience wilderness as pure wilderness, seemingly unattached to any governing body or demarcation. Or maybe things are just bigger up here. Either way, Whitefish, Montana is no exception. The town’s peak, Big Mountain, provides the dry, powdery backdrop for Whitefish Mountain Resort’s legendary cold skiing and in the summer, the snowmelt feeds the many trout-laden waterways and lakes that fill the dreams of snowed-in fly fisherman. Glacier National Park also happens to be about 30 minutes away and is full of a lifetime of backcountry and frontcountry exploration any season of the year. Whitefish is a hub for rafters, kayakers, mountain bikers, backpackers, golfers, nature lovers, and a large number of surprisingly good restaurants and hotels to keep the locals and the tourists happy.

Featured Mountains in Whitefish

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Whitefish Divide Trail (Ralph Thayer Memorial Trail) 6,302 ft (1,921 m)
Danny on Memorial Trail 5,653 ft (1,723 m)
Werner Peak 6,939 ft (2,115 m)
Teakettle Mountain 5,876 ft (1,791 m)
Lion Mountain 4,357 ft (1,328 m)
Columbia Mountain 7,208 ft (2,197 m)
Big Mountain 6,818 ft (2,078 m)
Smoky Range 7,100 ft (2,164 m)