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Talkeetna, Alaska

Small town, huge mountain. But with Denali (20,310 feet) as the backdrop, what wouldn’t seem small? Located just south of Denali National Park, Talkeetna is a popular spot for summer tourists and climbers. The town is right at the confluence of the Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers and home to a vibrant whitewater and fishing community. The 54-mile stretch of Class III – IV whitewater that runs down the Talkeetna from Stephan Lake to the confluence is considered to be some of the best variety of whitewater in Alaska. With fish swimming in every lake, river, and stream in this lush valley, it’s no wonder that the fishing is world-class as well. Backcountry travelers enjoy year-round access to some of Alaska’s most rugged coastal peaks, and Talkeetna is the quirky hub of it all.

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Featured Mountains in Talkeetna

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Mount Huntington 11,699 ft (3,566 m)
Mount Hunter 14,134 ft (4,308 m)
Mount Foraker 17,346 ft (5,287 m)
Mooses Tooth 10,138 ft (3,090 m)
Kahiltna Peaks 13,074 ft (3,985 m)
Denali – Mt McKinley (State High Point) 20,310 ft (6,190 m)
Bald Mountain 3,596 ft (1,096 m)
Curry Ridge 2,785 ft (849 m)
Tokosha Mountains 4,055 ft (1,236 m)
Bartlett Hills 1,270 ft (387 m)