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Mill Valley, California

Although it’s often controversial to claim invention, many regard Mill Valley and its peak, Mt. Tamalpais, as the birthplace of mountain biking. The first single-speed, balloon-tire bicycles that raced through the redwood and eucalyptus-studded trails were instantly famous and spurred the design of a new type of bike for a new type of rider. It’s no wonder that this wooded Marin County arts haven, just over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, would osmose the same experimental and free-thinking aesthetic that permeated the Bay Area in the 60s. Mill Valley – and Marin County as a whole – quickly became the spot for the adventurous, where you could live amongst California’s famous towering redwood trees and access classic mountain biking, hiking, surfing (Mill Valley is only about 7 miles from the coast), and cycling, all the while mingling with famous bohemians and the art, music, and culinary culture that surrounded them. Nowadays, if you throw a stone, you’re more likely to hit a Porsche than a camper van, but the exploratory spirit lives on, just in a nicer pair of shoes.

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Featured Mountains in Mill Valley

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Mountain Top Trail 2,326 ft (709 m)
West Point 1,742 ft (531 m)
West Peak Mt Tam 2,546 ft (776 m)
Trojan Point 1,854 ft (565 m)
Pilot Knob 1,129 ft (344 m)
King Mountain 771 ft (235 m)
East Peak Mt Tam 2,571 ft (784 m)
Corte Madera Ridge 974 ft (297 m)
Bolinas Ridge 2,070 ft (631 m)
Blithedale Ridge 906 ft (276 m)