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Malibu, California

Malibu might be known for its peeling surf and celebrity second homes, but feeding into this little stretch of Highway 1 are Los Angeles County’s best mountains, teeming with single track, classic sport climbing, hiking trails, and just enough space to forget about Hollywood. The Santa Monica Mountains span the 40-mile coastline between Los Angeles and Ventura County. The highest peak, Sandstone Peak (3,111 feet) is one of the more famous high points amidst the rolling network of canyons and hills. Mountain bikers flock to the area to ride the single track trails that traverse in and out of the distinct canyons. Sandstone slabs and features, which have seen more than their fair share of chalk and rubber, are scattered through the canyons as well. Don’t expect to escape the crowds; much like the surf at Malibu Point, the Santa Monica Mountains are no secret. But, if you have to live in Los Angeles, Malibu and its surroundings might but just the escape you need.

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Featured Mountains in Malibu

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Sandstone Peak 3,087 ft (941 m)
San Vicente Mountain 1,962 ft (598 m)
Point Dume 184 ft (56 m)
Mugu Peak 1,260 ft (384 m)
McAuley Peak 1,988 ft (606 m)
Calabasas Peak 2,113 ft (644 m)
Brents Mountain 1,683 ft (513 m)
Boney Mountain 2,838 ft (865 m)
Santa Monica Mountains 3,041 ft (927 m)