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Granite Falls, Washington

The core of the Mountain Loop Highway starts in Granite Falls, horseshoes around the Boulder River Wilderness, and finishes in Darrington. On the famous scenic highway, you pass by Mt. Pilchuck (5,197 feet), Big Four Mountain (6,168 feet), and Del Campo Peak (6,575 feet) before reaching Barlow Pass – home to the ghost town of Monte Cristo. Four miles off the main highway, Monte Cristo sits as a remnant of the mining boom and bust in the late 1800s. Just below the pass, Big Four Mountain is home to the Big Four Ice Caves, a nice stopover and short hike along the route. The Gothic Basin area, which lies to the south, is one of the more popular destinations for climbers, mountaineers, winter backcountry touring, and summer backpacking. The South Fork Stillaguamish River, which runs through Granite Falls, is still a healthy fishery, even though some say it pales in comparison to generations past. Whether you are drive-by exploring or heading into the backcountry, Granite Falls offers plenty of access to the Boulder River and Glacier Peak Wilderness and the immense adventure of the North Cascades.


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Featured Mountains in Granite Falls

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Three Fingers 6,509 ft (1,984 m)
Sloan Peak 7,838 ft (2,389 m)
Mount Pilchuck 5,197 ft (1,584 m)
Mount Forgotten 5,882 ft (1,793 m)
Mount Dickerman 5,728 ft (1,746 m)
Gothic Peak 6,145 ft (1,873 m)
Del Campo Peak 6,575 ft (2,004 m)
Big Four Mountain 6,168 ft (1,880 m)