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Fernie, British Columbia

Fernie, British Columbia is a Rocky Mountain dream town. Skiing at Fernie Alpine Resort offers a taste of the legendary, East Kootenay powder, which skiers and snowboarders from all over the world come to chase. But, so does every other nearby peak and valley for those who stick on a pair of skins. The magnificent ski terrain melts into white-knuckle mountain bike terrain in the summer season. One of the more spectacular features of Fernie is its rivers. The Elk River is a dry-fly mecca, where you can fish awesomely large flies for the mammoth cutthroat and bull trout that lurk in the emerald water. Add in a dense blanket of Rocky Mountain flora and rugged, sky-piercing peaks, and wading in the Elk feels like walking through a dream. The Elk’s tributaries – Coal, Lizard, and Fairy Creek – offer up excellent small-stream fishing for the adventurous. Fernie has a lifetime’s worth of exploration, and it’s a damn tempting place to call home.

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