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Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte might be synonymous with big mountain skiing, but what do you do with 3,000 vertical feet and 1,100 acres of mountain when the snow melts? Well, you pump up your tires and start pedaling. Along with Marin County, this quintessential Colorado ski town helped birth the modern mountain bike movement, providing bigger, steeper, and unique terrain challenges, all above the 8,800-foot mark. Whatever the season, there is something to do on the town’s local peak. If you need a rest day, head into the West Elk mountains to climb, fish, hike, backpack, raft, kayak or hang around this old mining town and soak up some Colorado sun and scenery.


  1. Map of Colorado’s Legendary Fourteeners

    If you like high summits, consider moving to Colorado and making it your base camp for years of peak bagging. Colorado even tops Alaska for the number of peaks over 14,000 feet. Sure, there are higher and harder mountains up north, but Colorado has more attainable summits to choose from and a longer climbing season […]

Featured Mountains in Crested Butte

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Whetstone Mountain 12,490 ft (3,807 m)
Snodgrass Mountain 11,142 ft (3,396 m)
Mount Emmons 12,342 ft (3,762 m)
Gothic Mountain 12,588 ft (3,837 m)
Crested Butte 12,149 ft (3,703 m)
Anthracite Mesa 11,224 ft (3,421 m)
Scarp Ridge 12,214 ft (3,723 m)