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Chelan, Washington

Lake Chelan is 51 miles long, the 3rd deepest lake in the US (at 1,486 feet deep), and bordered by numerous 8,000-foot peaks and Washington’s vast Glacier Peak Wilderness. Most of the shoreline uplake from Chelan, nestled at the southeast tip of the lake, is only accessible by boat, making Chelan, Washington the portal to adventure on Lake Chelan and in the surrounding mountains. The Lady of the Lake ferry, which departs from Chelan, services the small towns and ports around the lake and crosses the lake just a few times a day. The inaccessibility of the land around the watershed has kept it remotely pristine with forested land making up for 90% of the lake’s immediate surroundings. Needless to say, exploring Lake Chelan and the remote towns of Stehekin and Lucerne is a bucket list item for many. Backpackers, climbers, hikers, and even kayakers opt for a lift across the lake before they push up the Stehekin Valley and into the Glacier Peak Wilderness. In the winter, Holden Village – just up the road from Lucerne – offers a one-of-a-kind backcountry ski and snowboard base camp to explore Bonanza Peak (9,516 feet), Martin Peak (8,516 feet), and Dumbell Mountain (8,426 feet). With the keys to Lake Chelan and beyond, Chelan, Washington is the home to pristine, wild adventures in the Cascades.


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Featured Mountains in Chelan

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Uno Peak 7,644 ft (2,330 m)
Domke Mountain 3,904 ft (1,190 m)
Cooper Mountain 5,867 ft (1,788 m)
Chelan Butte 3,812 ft (1,162 m)
Bear Mountain 3,566 ft (1,087 m)
Slide Ridge 5,417 ft (1,651 m)
Sawtooth Ridge 8,232 ft (2,509 m)
Chelan Mountains 6,995 ft (2,132 m)