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Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is most commonly recognized by the Flatirons – massive sedimentary slabs that predate the birth of the Rocky Mountains. The Flatirons sit above Chautauqua Meadow, five prominent stone fins that can’t help but define the landscape. It’s almost as if they were put there for climbers, so don’t be surprised if you show up at dawn, ready to plug some gear and there’s already a line. The Boulder community gets after it. Up Boulder Canyon, there are numerous climbing areas, all well documented and climbed. But, it is easy enough to escape the Front Range traffic by sneaking into nearby Rocky Mountain National Park or taking your pick of other, more technical classics, like Eldorado Canyon. Climbing culture might be well documented, but so is the cycling, mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and backcountry objectives that are surround town. In between adventure tick lists, Boulder offers a slew of great breweries, restaurants, tap houses, and stores to round out the Rocky Mountain high of this popular college town.

Featured Mountains in Boulder

Mountain Approx. Elevation
The Flatirons 7,155 ft (2,181 m)
Sugarloaf Mountain 8,888 ft (2,709 m)
South Boulder Peak 8,524 ft (2,598 m)
Mount Sanitas 6,821 ft (2,079 m)
Green Mountain 7,926 ft (2,416 m)
Bear Peak 8,458 ft (2,578 m)
Bald Mountain 7,139 ft (2,176 m)
Devils Thumb 7,733 ft (2,357 m)
Royal Arch 6,919 ft (2,109 m)