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Ashland, Oregon

This funky Southern Oregon town is internationally known for its annual Shakespeare Festival. Actually, the town lives it, for six months. The local theatres and Shakespeare Society put on about a dozen plays throughout the spring and summer that keep actors fed well into winter. If you are overwhelmed with comedy and drama on the stage, the surrounding mountains will provide. Mt. Ashland (7,532 feet) features breathtaking views of the Rogue River Valley as well as the start of the Siskiyou (to the south in California) and the Cascade Ranges (to the north). The eponymous peak also boasts 200 acres of skiable terrain and plenty of backcountry to get lost in. Add in some challenging mountain biking terrain and you have most of the extreme sports covered. Since Ashland is right on Interstate 5, the main thoroughfare for the West Coast, you can’t miss it and it is well worth the stopover.

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Featured Mountains in Ashland

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Wagner Butte 7,251 ft (2,210 m)
Soda Mountain 6,092 ft (1,857 m)
Roxy Ann Peak 3,573 ft (1,089 m)
Mount Ashland 7,484 ft (2,281 m)
Grizzly Peak 5,915 ft (1,803 m)
Big Red Mountain 7,050 ft (2,149 m)
Tunnel Ridge 3,136 ft (956 m)
Pilot Rock 5,817 ft (1,773 m)
Chimney Rock 3,697 ft (1,127 m)