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Pillars in Park County, Wyoming

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Pillars in Park County Wyoming

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Anvil Rock 6,660 ft (2,030 m)
Camel Rock 6,253 ft (1,906 m)
Chimney Rock 6,368 ft (1,941 m)
Duck Rock 7,365 ft (2,245 m)
Elephant Head Rock 7,001 ft (2,134 m)
Frank N Hammitt Monument 6,604 ft (2,013 m)
Goose Rock 6,063 ft (1,848 m)
Hanging Rock 6,211 ft (1,893 m)
Henry Ford Rock 6,443 ft (1,964 m)
Laughing Pig Rock 6,250 ft (1,905 m)
Old Woman Cabin Rock 6,391 ft (1,948 m)
Red Rock 7,785 ft (2,373 m)
Slipper Rock 6,375 ft (1,943 m)
The Hoodoos 7,132 ft (2,174 m)
The Needle 6,713 ft (2,046 m)

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