Trails in Pendleton County, West Virginia

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Trails in Pendleton County West Virginia

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Allegheny Trail 3,871 ft (1,180 m)
Back Ridge Trail 3,711 ft (1,131 m)
Bear Hunter Trail 3,691 ft (1,125 m)
Big Mountain Trail 3,307 ft (1,008 m)
Bother Ridge Trail 3,491 ft (1,064 m)
Buck Lick Run Trail 2,365 ft (721 m)
Gatewood Nature Trail 3,770 ft (1,149 m)
High Meadows Trail 3,763 ft (1,147 m)
Horton Riverton Trail 4,367 ft (1,331 m)
Horton Trail 3,409 ft (1,039 m)
Huckleberry Trail 4,669 ft (1,423 m)
Judy Springs Trail 3,629 ft (1,106 m)
Lick Run Trail 2,165 ft (660 m)
Little Allegheny Trail 3,684 ft (1,123 m)
Lumberjack Trail 4,137 ft (1,261 m)
Miller Run Trail 2,995 ft (913 m)
North Mountain Trail 3,451 ft (1,052 m)
Road Run Trail 3,159 ft (963 m)
South Branch Trail 1,647 ft (502 m)

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