Trails in Pierce County, Washington

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Trails in Pierce County Washington

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Boundary Trail 4,429 ft (1,350 m)
Carbon Trail 3,228 ft (984 m)
Castle Mountain Trail 5,873 ft (1,790 m)
Clearwater Trail 2,169 ft (661 m)
Dalles Ridge Trail 5,728 ft (1,746 m)
Flip-O-Way Trail 4,360 ft (1,329 m)
Greenwater Trail 3,835 ft (1,169 m)
Ipsut Creek Trail 3,409 ft (1,039 m)
Lost Lake Trail 5,131 ft (1,564 m)
Maggie Creek Trail 4,176 ft (1,273 m)
Moraine Trail 5,709 ft (1,740 m)
Northern Loop Trail 5,722 ft (1,744 m)
Paul Peak Trail 3,839 ft (1,170 m)
Skyline Trail 6,312 ft (1,924 m)
Summit Lake Trail 4,987 ft (1,520 m)
Sun Top Trail 5,220 ft (1,591 m)
Twentyeight Mile Creek Trail 4,390 ft (1,338 m)
Wonderland Trail 3,455 ft (1,053 m)

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