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Ridges in Box Elder County, Utah

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Ridges in Box Elder County Utah

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Blue Ridge 4,767 ft (1,453 m)
Cave Ridge 4,764 ft (1,452 m)
Cedar Ridge 6,230 ft (1,899 m)
Chicken Ridge 5,423 ft (1,653 m)
Death Ridge 5,197 ft (1,584 m)
Hogup Point 4,557 ft (1,389 m)
Hogup Ridge 4,468 ft (1,362 m)
Kilgore Ridge 6,106 ft (1,861 m)
Long Divide 5,128 ft (1,563 m)
McGinty Ridge 6,804 ft (2,074 m)
Mollys Stocking 4,222 ft (1,287 m)
Sand Bar 4,695 ft (1,431 m)
Scad Ridge 5,148 ft (1,569 m)
Tank Ridge 4,928 ft (1,502 m)
The Fingerpoint 4,209 ft (1,283 m)

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