Trails in Unicoi County, Tennessee

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Trails in Unicoi County Tennessee

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Bald Mountain Trail 3,615 ft (1,102 m)
California Trail 2,359 ft (719 m)
Clark Creek Trail 2,234 ft (681 m)
Granny Lewis Trail 2,159 ft (658 m)
Hemlock Forest Trail 2,247 ft (685 m)
Limestone Cove Trail 2,477 ft (755 m)
Little Dark Hollow Trail 2,644 ft (806 m)
No Business Trail 3,166 ft (965 m)
Nolichucky River Trail 1,801 ft (549 m)
Patty Ridge Trail 2,618 ft (798 m)
Pinnacle Tower Trail 3,143 ft (958 m)
Rattlesnake Ridge Trail 2,575 ft (785 m)
Rattlesnake Trail 2,539 ft (774 m)
Ravens Lore Trail 4,826 ft (1,471 m)
Red Fork Falls Trail 3,117 ft (950 m)
Rock Creek Bicycle Trail 2,254 ft (687 m)
Rock Creek Falls Trail 2,513 ft (766 m)
Stamping Ground Trail 3,484 ft (1,062 m)
Unaka Mountain Scenic Trail 4,577 ft (1,395 m)

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