Ridges in Sequatchie County, Tennessee

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Ridges in Sequatchie County Tennessee

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Devils Backbone 1,818 ft (554 m)
Eight Oak Ridge 1,988 ft (606 m)
Frederick Ridge 2,024 ft (617 m)
Fruedenberg Ridge 2,041 ft (622 m)
Gadd Ridge 1,913 ft (583 m)
Grayson Ridge 2,028 ft (618 m)
Kell Ridge 2,096 ft (639 m)
Long Ridge 1,985 ft (605 m)
Long Ridge 1,880 ft (573 m)
Maizie Ridge 2,064 ft (629 m)
Pine Ridge 1,978 ft (603 m)
Point Ridge 1,818 ft (554 m)
Short Ridge 2,083 ft (635 m)
Taylor Ridge 1,886 ft (575 m)

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