Summits in Slope County, North Dakota

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Summits in Slope County North Dakota

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Abbey Hill 2,654 ft (809 m)
Anderson Butte 2,733 ft (833 m)
Baldy Butte 3,156 ft (962 m)
Black Butte 3,465 ft (1,056 m)
Boulder Point 3,195 ft (974 m)
Browns Hill 2,963 ft (903 m)
East Rainy Butte 3,314 ft (1,010 m)
Juniper Spur 2,680 ft (817 m)
Prairie Hill 2,982 ft (909 m)
Pretty Butte 3,186 ft (971 m)
Rainy Butte 2,972 ft (906 m)
Rattlesnake Butte 3,323 ft (1,013 m)
Round Top Butte 3,104 ft (946 m)
Slide Butte 3,343 ft (1,019 m)
Tepee Butte 3,274 ft (998 m)
Warnke Hill 2,926 ft (892 m)
West Rainy Butte 3,346 ft (1,020 m)
White Butte (State High Point) 3,506 ft (1,069 m)

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